Theories and Methods in Russia and Abroad

28-29 June 2016. Studying EU-Russian Relations: Research Agenda in Russia and in the WestThe conference addresses the difference in studies of EU-Russian relations in Russia and abroad, which contributed to failures in the practice of EU-Russian relations. In this period of mutual reproaches and disengagement, the idea is to look at how research communities on both sides
have contributed to the crisis and what can be done in research terms to overcome it, what mistakes have to be recognised on both sides and what bridges can be built in the epistemic community.

Opening panel will provide an overview of research of EU-Russian relations in the past 25 years. Participants of each section are kindly requested to evaluate what methods have been used in Russia and abroad to study EU-Russian relations since early 1990s. The panels and final discussion will also focus on how that shaped policy agenda in the EU and Russia and contributed to the current state of the relations.

The conference is a part of the research track of the Jean Monnet Centre at St. Petersburg State University. 

The working language of the conference is English.

The venue of the conference: School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University (ul. Smolnogo 1/3, St. Petersburg (building of the Smolny Cathedral), entrance 8) 

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